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CINTIQS is a critical industry partner in the R&D, productization, and commercialization of Decision Support Systems enhanced by emerging technologies. This includes the vertical integration of technology components across the Canadian eco-system of OEMs/SMEs and Digital Integrators to build mission-ready systems. We also work to enable the digital transformation of the Canadian Armed Forces to achieve operationally focused, technology-enabled decision advantage.


Command and Control | Communication and Information Services | Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Technology-enabled decision advantage is C4ISR. Moving data, information and intelligence between sensors and shooters in the modern, Joint, All-Domain battlespace is incredibly complex. When managing the volume, velocity, variety, and veracity of data in a contested environment, delivering value – making better, actionable decisions faster than the adversary – is what C4ISR is all about.
Thrive in Chaos
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Collection Operations | Information Exploitation | Intelligence Analysis
Big data from a variety of sensor types and sources continue to overwhelm traditional information exploitation and intelligence analysis capabilities. The ability to augment operators and analysts with technologies that automate select components of collection and processing - including discovery - is a necessity to transform data accurately and rapidly into actional intelligence at scale.
Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence
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Soldier Systems | ISTAR | Joint Fires and Effects
From Augmented Reality-integrated Soldier Systems to increasingly autonomous ISTAR platforms and AI-enabled DACAS, emerging technology-enabled capabilities continue to challenge TTPs to evolve at pace. Like our adversaries and partners alike, the rapid evolution of such capabilities offers advantages to those who can out-innovate their competitors: economically, politically, and militarily.
Decision Advantage in Action
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Security | Mobility | Agility
Tactical overmatch is achieved when digitally-enabled shooters at the edge are enabled to make better decisions – and act – faster than the adversary. This cognitive advantage is dependant on the ability to securely access and communicates decision-quality data leveraging advanced wireless technologies, such as SDR and ATAK, when mobile and in contact with the adversary in a network-contested environment.
Shoot. Move. Communicate.
Tactical Communications
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Operations | Targeting | Risk Management
The traditional world of ITSEC is now a congested and contested warfighting domain – cyberspace. State-sponsored and malicious non-state actors, such as terrorist groups, right-wing extremist and criminal organizations, have turned to cyber activities, with increasing sophistication. This demands a paradigm shift towards a wider lens view of cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk management that includes the human layer and national security implication.
The Newest Warfighting Domain
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