Our team has “been there” and “done that". We believe there’s a lot of value in that experience. We are here to make that experience yours. 

Mike Nelson, MBA
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Mike spent 10 years in uniform as an Intelligence Officer and graduated with his Executive MBA in 2017. Building on his passion for the military, science & technology, and business, he has since dedicated himself to helping high-tech companies develop products that meet the needs of Canada’s men and women in uniform. As President, Mike leads CINTIQS’ business and product development practice.


Dave has over 26 years of experience as an Air Force Communications and Electrical Engineering Officer. He served as a Special Operator and qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controller with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, the Commanding Officer of the Crypto Maintenance Unit, and with the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command as the Director of C4ISR Requirements and most recently as an Innovation Liaison Officer. Dave’s unique mix of tactical and strategic experience positions him to help clients understand end-user requirements, engage stakeholders, and navigate the complexities of capital acquisitions. 

Dave Jones
Vice President - Strategic Partnerships
Ben Leuenberger, CD, MBA
Director - Corporate Development

Ben spent 10 years in the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, where he was an end user of cutting edge military technologies. Since receiving his MBA in 2020, Ben split his time consulting for Deloitte and leading IBM Cloud Platform’s Client Advocacy program, before joining CINTIQS in 2022. He has worked on large transformation initiatives for federal government departments and directed cross functional efforts of leaders to deliver on client expectations of quality systems and products.

Keaton Brooks
Director - Innovation

Keaton spent 9 years in uniform as an Infantry Officer and is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada. During his tenure with the Army, Keaton served as a Platoon Commander and Operations Officer where he gained tactical experience in advanced infantry operations including rugged terrain, airborne, airmobile, and amphibious operations. Following his release from the armed forces, he went on to work for 7 years as part of Canada’s Defence R&D agency. With his distinctive background in tactical experience and technology project management, Keaton is ready to help shape the next generation of military technologies.

With a background in digital marketing and advertising, Avery is armed with the expertise needed to take your company’s brand to the next level and thrive in the highly competitive global defence market. From website & graphic design, to digital content development & advertising, Avery leverages industry best practices to ensure you are digitally represented in a way which will help achieve your goals. 

Avery Dick
Director - Digital Marketing
Mat Curry
Solutions Architect

Mat spent 10 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer. He hit his stride working in engineer intelligence and deployed with the Canadian Army to Latvia. His career then took him to the Canadian Joint Operations Command where he worked at the Joint Targeting Intelligence Centre. While there, he gained a myriad of experiences working as a Full Motion Video (FMV) Analyst, FMV Operations Manager, and then in FMV team management. Mat brings remote sensor end-user experience and excitement for capability development to the team.

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Lauren spent 10 years in uniform as an Intelligence Officer. Her service spanned from tactical to strategic, including operational deployments to the Middle East and East Africa. In her last post, she served as the Operations Officer for the Joint Targeting Intelligence Centre, overseeing enabler support to Target Development for various missions around the world. Lauren will bring her knowledge of the increasingly complex intelligence world to assist clients in defining end-user requirements.

Lauren Van Veen
Solutions Architect

Griff has 20 years of military experience and graduated with a MA in Human Security in 2020 and has recently been accepted as a doctoral candidate for a Professional Doctorate in Security Risk Management at the University of Portsmouth. With a multitude of international experience, he brings a real-world perspective to tactical and operational problem-sets. Over the past two years he has contributed as an advisor to the CAF on operational Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) with specific focus on OSINT and FMV PED capability development. 

K “Griff” Griffin, MA, CD
Solutions Architect

Justin served in the CAF for 32 years in the Royal Canadian Regt and the Canadian Army Intelligence Corps. During his time in the military, he served as a reconnaissance patrolman, machine gunner, tactical and operational intelligence analyst and other mid-level leadership/management positions. After retirement Justin worked with CINTIQS on several projects in support of civilian operations in Saudi Arabia and key exercises as a scenario developer. Justin is keen to improve security and defence intelligence systems that provide the most effective deliverables to decision makers. 

Justin Sparks
Solutions Architect
Bruno Perron
Solutions Architect

Bruno spent more than 12 years serving as a Canadian Army Intelligence Officer. Recently serving as senior intelligence officer (J2) for Canada’s nascent proof-of-concept offensive cyber unit developed jointly between CSE and DND. His MA at University of London, SOAS focused on the legal and normative issues of nation-State sponsored mis/disinformation. Bruno will bring his adversary and analytical expertise to clients seeking to develop solutions where technology meets the “human layer” of cyberspace. 


Rasha Kashef (Member, IEEE) is a Professor in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson University. Her research expertise is in data science, machine learning, big data, IoT, smart systems, operation research, management science, healthcare, autonomous systems, and distributed computing. 

Dr. Rasha Kashef, PhD., PEng Principal Research Investigator
Ricardo Saikali
Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Ricardo is a third-year software engineering student at the University of Ottawa and has a great passion for software development and the tech industry. With a 9.67 CGPA and three previous internship experiences, Ricardo is well equipped with the skills, motivation, and discipline to tackle most problems that he may face head-on. Nevertheless, he is still keen to learn new things every day, and interacting with others to do so is something he enjoys. During his internship at CINTIQS, he hopes to learn new skills and apply his current ones to meet client expectations.


Jahan is an experienced Artificial Intelligence Engineer with strong skills in AI programming and software engineering. She has been working primarily on building machine learning engines to support companies core products for the past several years. Her expertise in deep learning for computer vision, time-series data is a great addition to building new products to increase company revenue. She is passionate about equity in public education and supporting women in technology.

Jahan Mosthusne
Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Hrag has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and has worked for an electronics manufacturing company. After which he obtained a Master of Engineering with AI Concentration degree, where he took several AI-related courses and published several research papers. As an AI Engineer, Hrag will bring his knowledge and passion for AI to solve challenging problems and deliver the best results possible to CINTIQS and its clients.

Hrag Jebamikyous
Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Mustafa has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence. Having worked in some of the leading companies in the field of technology and participated in several startups, he is very passionate about innovation, technology, problem-solving, and business development. Mustafa is ready to bring his knowledge and expertise as an AI Engineer to innovate and solve problems to create as much value as possible to CINTIQS and its clients.

Mustafa Aljasim
Artificial Intelligence Engineer

After retiring from the Canadian Army as a Signal’s Operator, Rob spent 31 years in the telecommunications industry. This includes over 12 years leading mission critical projects for which he is highly recognized within Canada’s Project Management community. As Operations Manager, Rob leads CINTIQS’ day-to-day activities, allowing the rest of the team to focus on delivering value to our customers.

Rob Nelson
Manager - Business Operations

Jessie has spent the past 15 years in the services industry and there is no one better at making the office a fun and engaging place to be. As a core member of CINTIQS’ team, she manages the company’s day-to-day, helping ensure every member of the team has what they need to focus on delivering the best value possible to our clients.

Jessie Soares
Office Manager